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Bhomra  X Conscious Lemons 

White summer dress with dainty details - one size

£90.00 Regular Price
£40.00Sale Price
  • Did you know Jamdani is the finest form of muslin and traditionally woven with intricate motifs which are also woven by hand on the loom ? 

    No wonder these dresses feel so luxurios to feel and to look at . The intricate details of the weaves elevates the dress with elegance , style and charm . White dress with dainty embroidefred details and pockets make this dress practical and pretty for that aimless stroll on sunny afternoons . 

    The fabric is hand spun and hand woven Jamdani cotton created  using ancient weaving techniques from West Bengal . A close knit community of talented weavers joined together to preserve the culture and give us a chance to enjoy the fruits of their labour in the form of stylish and comfortable clothing . 

     Care for the dress by dry cleaning draker colours  or a gentle wash for the ligter colours . Do not soak or washine wash . 


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