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Our Standards

We are extremely conscious and careful when choosing our brands and so we only work with brands and designers who share our values of sustainable living and being kind to the earth. The following are some of the values that our brands relate to …..


We make sure we understand the process involved in making your products by our partners and ensure they are adhering to the Fair Trade policies. Paying forward and the welfare of the artists and the workforce is of utmost importance to us. The  brand representatives regularly  visit the farms and factories where the products are produced and make sure the work force is treated fairly and are paid appropriately.  


 We are continuously working on collaborating with local talent whose products are Made in the UK. Our list of partners from different parts of the united kingdom is something that is increasing every day. 

Handmade and Artisan made products are made with love and care. We bring to you some of the most lovingly made garments from various designers and artists. 

We have some great vegan and Cruelty-free products on the site for you to enjoy . 

We fly most of our clothes from India and  try to ship them in as few shipments as possible and make sure we are Carbon Neutral for the international deliveries from our partners . Once we are set up and a bit more comfortable with our logistics we aim to make all our deliveries carbon neutral. 

Plastic free and Zero waste organizations. A number of brands we work with have adapted to methods of manufacturing which has zero waste and plastic free. The equipment and the raw materials are sourced carefully keeping the wastage factor in mind and use plastic free packaging and equipment. 

Our Standards: Text
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