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Our Story


Conscious lemons is a brand that was created as part of our personal journey towards a sustainable and slow fashion. A Supper club host & chef , IT  Consultant who loves dressing up , our founder Gayathri Nimmakayala was always on a hunt for unique and trendy outfits . This quest lead her to numerous artists and designers from all over the world . A majority of the brands are from India where the forgotten artisans are uplifted by providing them a fair and deserving chance to showcase their talent. These brands have taught us how to look at clothes in a completely different light. Designers who are striving to change the world in their own way by using organic materials and handcrafting , one marvel at a time caught Gayathri's attention. And that is how a regular lemon became more and more  conscious of how the fashion industry is changing towards being sustainable and ethical and starting taking the first steps to being responsible towards the planet. This attempt to curate fabulous handmade pieces is our sincere way to create a place which is a one stop shopping experience for the customer who can have access to a lot of ethical brands in one place and in the quickest way possible .

Satya Challa , a fellow conscious shopper and a very good friend of Gayathri, joined Conscious Lemons as a partner, four months later and is a great addition to our conscious journey. Satya supported us right from the inception phase as a friend and is always ready with a ton of new ideas and advice . With her perfection and attention to detail , Satya brings an extra layer of operational excellence to the tasks at hand. Be it sourcing authentic fabrics from the remote parts of India or collaborating with extraordinary talent , she is just unstoppable and is already working on some amazing projects to make your conscious journey through us even more exciting . 

The home and lifestyle edit came as a by product but we are equally excited about that particular segment as well. We strongly believe just being sustainable is not enough anymore , We have to ask the question about the supply chain . We make sure the brands that we collaborate are ethical as well as sustainable . We hope you have a fabulous shopping experience with us and we thank you for making us a part of your journey of becoming a conscious lemons !!

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